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President: Dr. Katarina Lindley

Dr. Katarina Lindley D.O. FACOFP is a Board-Certified Family Physician born in Split Croatia which at the time was known as Yugoslavia. She left her country and her family 1 day before the Balkan was started and has lived in Italy and England for 5 years.  Her travels and education took her to the United States of America where she started her undergraduate education at Florida Atlantic University, where she graduated with the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology.  After that she attended the medical school at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic medicine where she obtained the designation of Doctor of Osteopathy in 2004. She finished her family medicine residency in Miami, Florida in 2007 and has been practicing full scope family medicine since then. 


Dr. Lindley has practiced in Florida and worked as Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Few years later she moved to Wisconsin and worked for a large hospital based medical group. In 2014, Dr. Lindley and her husband decided to move to Texas to raise their children and she became the Medical Director for Palo Pinto Hospital Rural Outpatient clinic system that consisted of 5 clinics.  She was also a direct supervisor for 7 Advanced Nurse Practitioners.  During that time, she also worked for Palo Pinto County Correctional System as the doctor for the inmates in the jail.


Throughout her career Dr. Lindley has been a leader in her profession and is currently the President of Texas American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.  She is also Board trustee of Texas osteopathic Medical Association and participated on many medical committees for several medical organizations. She earned her designation of Fellow in Family Medicine in 2016.  In 2018 Dr. Lindley decided to run for the School Board and won resounded in the general elections and now serves as a Trustee on the Brock Independent School District Board.


In 2017, she decided to venture on her own and open the direct primary care practice in Brock, Texas where she resides with her family.  Being a champion and national leader for independent Direct Primary Care has placed her in a position on the Board of Directors of DPC Action, a non-profit 501(c)(4) national advocacy and lobbying organization. She has been a national speaker and has testified publicly at the state level on behalf of DPC.  She has participated in numerous meetings about innovation in health care delivery with state and federal lawmakers and leaders of federal government agencies.


Dr. Lindley is passionate about her family, her patients and healthcare especially direct primary care, but one of her core interests and passions are veterans, their health and suicide prevention.  As these interests have developed so did her passion for making a difference.  She is very involved in legislative process on federal and state level and has testified in several committees regarding those issues.  She loves mentoring residents and medical students as well as students in her community. Personally Dr. Lindley loves her family, her country and is a biggest cheerleader for her kids and kids in the community.  Being a physician is a calling and a part of who she is.  Being a mom and advocate is entwined in her soul.


Her motto in life is: “Challenge yourself daily because with faith and hard work there is really no limit to what you might accomplish!”


Favorite quotes: “What if I fall?! But darling, what if you fly!” and “Worrying is believing that God won’t get it right.”

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Vice President: Andrew Coussens

Andrew graduated Loyola University of Chicago in 1995 with a BA in Communications / Journalism. Shortly after graduation, Andrew was hired by US Customs for BORTAC search and rescue duties along the US/Mexico border.  In 2002 Andrew was assigned to the National Security Special Events Task Force for the US Winter Olympics where he helped conduct aerial reconnaissance, communications and security duties. 

In 2008 Andrew was retained as a contractor for a classified program working a US Government contract in numerous high threat areas overseas conducting intelligence gathering and security.  He simultaneously worked for the US State Department’s Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance program training partner nations a course entitled First Response to Terrorism Incidents including SWAT I and Technical Rescue skills. 

In 2014 Andrew became a consultant, business development director and trainer for the Boise company, the Activity Group, which provides military and law enforcement assets field trauma solutions training and equipment.

In 2018 Andrew authored his first novel entitled “A Failed State” which sells copies on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  iTunes, Sony and Google Books. In 2019 Andrew authored his 2nd novel “Relapse”.

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Monty Heath

Monty has led high-performance, results focused teams in all three realms of business; Government, Private Sector, and Non-profits.  He is currently involved with two non-profit veteran service organizations; Director of Military Programs for Higher Ground, and Executive Director of VetToCEO.  

Monty served in the US Navy SEAL teams for over a decade; he honorably discharged and was twice awarded the Bronze Star with combat valor designation.  He then started a family and dove into the civilian markets.  In his first private sector venture, he worked alongside Gas and Oil industry executives delivering critical security input used to inform billion-dollar expansion plans.   In the defense contracting space, he has managed the SEAL Mentorship program, a national initiative serving hundreds of candidates daily. Additionally, he managed the SEAL Preparatory Program utilizing a team-of-teams approach.  His staff consisted of Olympic & Professional athletes as well as retired SEALs- delivering content to hundreds of enlisted personnel per quarter who were entering NSW pipeline.  In the Executive Protection space, he led, then managed, international protection details for Forbes 40 families.  During his free time, Monty enjoys time outside with his wife and two sons.