Shot at Dawn Project in a non profit

The Problem : Veteran Suicide

- A estimated 285,090 American Veterans have taken their own life since 1979.

- 3/3 Armed Forces Recruiters who deal with Pre-High school Graduation recruits say parents have voiced concern of Suicide Problems within America's Armed Forces.  This has created a major problem for the future recruitment into our Armed Forces. 

- Numbers continue to increase, the Veteran Administration has run out of options, basic Suicide Prevention has been ineffective. 

-Existing Veteran Non-Profits have no real solution other than prevention education.  

The Solution : 9 month to 24 month rehab (Tribal Living Community)

- 8 Layer Hero Suicide Trigger Administration form to be implemented in Active Duty/Guard/Reserve. This form puts the power in the commanders hand at unit level, and will have a immediate impact on service members going through, non judicial punishment / medical discharge / drug and alcohol counseling / other than honorable discharge. This form would be mandatory and force a real look at service members life.

- S.A.D.P facility (Named by Title Sponsor), focusing on 8 Suicide Triggers Veterans face : TBI / PTSD / Removal from Tribe / Medicated-Diet-Exercise / Financial Collapse / Substance Abuse / Loss of Relationship, Sexual Assault / Legal Troubles

- The first round of medical and law enforcement consulting have been completed. This facility will provide the opportunity for the Veteran to be needed and to be accountable. 

-This facility will have offices for the Department of Defense in order to obtain real data (time sober data). The S.A.D.P will provide programs for: Finance, Education, and Family & Drug & Alcohol Counseling.  S.A.D.P aims to help implement these forms of counseling more readily available. S.A.D.P. aims to have counselor for every 200 servicemen in Active Duty, with quarterly meetings per individual serviceman.  This is attacking the problem at the root.  

-S.A.D.P considers the United States to be the Free Leaders of the World, and as such will run a 2- week instructional course available to our allies in N.A.T.O for all 29 nations, and 11 seats for civilian diplomats and medical personnel.  A total of 40 members will go through this course quarterly, at a cost of $100,000.00 dollars per student.  This will secure our spot as Leaders in the solution for this massive social issue throughout the World.  

-Current Veteran Anti-Suicide Non Profits will be tied into Suicide Prevention Center to be given a opportunity to help facilitate recovery for Suicidal Veterans.   Combined with a representative from the Veterans Administration, they will actually be able to use their current sourcing abilities to support a facility that can help.  


SSG. Conrad Jeffries (right) President and Founder of Shot at Dawn Project.

SSG. Conrad Jeffries (right) President and Founder of Shot at Dawn Project.


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